Cost- and energy-efficient thermal and impact sound insulation with ThermoWhite

The system for the best insulation. Because choosing the right insulation material is crucial for the indoor climate, energy costs and acoustics.

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ThermoWhite - for the sake of the environment

A positive ecological balance! The use of natural mineral raw materials and recycled polystyrene makes ThermoWhite® a pioneer in environmental protection.
A study by the Institute for Waste Management at the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences in Vienna confirms that ThermoWhite® has a positive ecological balance and is extremely environmentally friendly.
ThermoWhite sustainability
ThermoWhite EPS polystyrene recycling
ThermoWhite Recycling Green Bag

Advantages of the ThermoWhite system

As an energy and cost-efficient, CE-certified product, ThermoWhite thermal and impact sound insulation offers the following advantages, among others:

  • Processing

    No cutting = great time saving, little material waste, less binder consumption

    Ready for covering from 12 hours with ThermoWhite® Speed Up

  • Quality

    Standardized and standard-compliant processing in accordance with the official certifications (ETA-17/0407, ETA-12/0428, ETA-17/0408, ETA-19/0772)

  • Insulating capacity

    Compared to other systems, ThermoWhite has a lower moisture content and therefore shorter drying times. This also means better thermal conductivity.

  • Insulation boards

    Jointless filling of the installation level. No time-consuming cutting of panels necessary, making work faster and more efficient. A clean construction site.

thermowhite insulation system avoidance of weak points

Avoid weak points in the insulation

Compared to conventional EPS/polystyrene boards, the ThermoWhite insulation fill avoids so-called cold and thermal bridges.

The installation level with pipes and cables, as well as cavities, are perfectly filled and enclosed. There is no need to cut the panels to size, which saves a lot of time.

ThermoWhite floor structure diagram

Here you can see the layers of a floor structure with the ThermoWhite system. ThermoWhite is filled seamlessly over the installations on the bare floor. These are completely encased and can be covered within a short time.

Further advantages

Sound insulation up to 32 dB
λ-value up to 0.0444 WmK
CE marking of our products
Drive load up to 20 kN/m²
100% HBCD-free

thermowhite insulation floor structure diagram

Innovative insulation with a system

ThermoWhite is versatile in its possible applications

The ThermoWhite® system is a CE-certified insulation system and gives you a guarantee of quality and well-being!

Energy-saving and cost-efficient for use in new builds or renovations. Whether for large-scale processing with the MixMobil, high installation thicknesses or for smaller projects in finished product bags of 100 or 200 liters.

  1. The best thermal insulation properties and dimensional stability characterize the application in this area in particular. No rear ventilation is necessary.

  2. Ideal for renovations. In accessible attics, any type of screed or drywall can be laid.

  3. Jointless installation prevents sound and cold bridges. Also perfect for underfloor heating.

  4. High installation thicknesses are no problem for the ThermoWhite system. Thicknesses of up to 50 cm or more can be installed in a single work step.

  5. Ideal for use on flat roofs. The cost-efficient and energy-saving solution.

  6. The result is a corpus and a thermally insulating shell for the pool, while at the same time protecting the installations. No floating when backfilling due to the low mass weight

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