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Thermowhite Reduced Co2 Leaf

ThermoWhite® WD 130 R

Mineral-bonded thermal insulation for high loads. Our insulation fill made from pure recycled granulate with good thermal and impact sound insulation values.

  • Use of pure recycled granulate
  • Good thermal insulation
  • Lambda value = 0.055 W/mK
  • Traffic loads up to 20 kN/m²
  • Enormous compressive strength
  • Compressive stress CS (10) 100 = 100 kPa
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thermowhite finished product machine and 100 or 200 liter bag

Certified ThermoWhite thermal insulation as a finished product

The ThermoWhite® finished product is the dry finished mixture of high-quality ThermoWhite compound and ThermoWhite EPS granules.

Ideal for small areas or renovations. It can be mixed directly on site by adding water in a compulsory mixer and easily installed.

The ThermoWhite® finished product is mainly used for small quantities, for example for renovations and refurbishments. It is available in bags of 100 and 200 liters.

Standard-compliant leveling layer for the installation level

With ThermoWhite WD 130 R insulation fill as a finished product, pipes, slots and ducts at installation level can also be filled in accordance with DIN-18560-2 (screeds in the building industry).

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